golferA typical client story

When he found out how much she had spent, he almost came unglued.

What was supposed to pay for their second honeymoon/golf adventure, she had just dropped on a picture book. Now he would have to move some things around to make it much for the planned patio update this year.

As he stood with his family in the open field taking in everything that had happened in the past few months, his knees almost buckled from the weight of the emotion. The woman he expected to grow old with was suddenly gone. He sat alone at the gravesite with his memories of her until morning.

He trudged back into his empty house. As he sat on his couch and looked around, all he could see were hints of her. While her signature was on everything, all he longed for was her…her smile, her chocolate brown eyes…but they were nowhere to be found. They were gone forever, now only in his memory.

And then he noticed the black leather book on his coffee table. As he hefted it onto his lap, he recalled with regret his anger at its price tag. She was so excited to bring it home to him, and he had never bothered to look at it on principle.

He opened the front cover and was greeted by her unmistakable smile in all its glory. Tears ran down his cheeks as he studied her familiar face again. Taking in her beauty like he did on their first date. Each page was a new wave of emotion as each image revealed a new dimension of her personality or figure. How he had taken her for granted…

The pinup image of her with his golf-clubs struck like a prizefighter; he had wasted so much time alone with a white ball. She had never shown an interest, but she created that image just for him: his two loves.

But the last page was the most painful for him. A handwritten letter telling him how much she loved him, and everything she loved about him, and how she was the luckiest woman in the world to have him.

As he slogged down the hallway towards his bedroom he dreaded that first night without her. But his heart was strangely warmed knowing he had her book, and all the care that had gone into lovingly creating the images, with all of the hidden details he would discover. He would never be without her.