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20190216MDK1181-2-Edit WEB-220190216MDK1181-2-Edit WEB-2 A headshot is a specific type of portrait that focuses and draws attention to the subject. Traditionally they are done against a non-descript background as to not distract from the subject, but a more modern application is to use the scene to convey information about the subject. Branding Photography is a trendy way of discussing a headshot.

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The short list is you, me, actors, politicians, models, musicians, online daters, authors, business professionals, anyone on social media, and everyone

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What makes a headshot special?


You may think you've got an old photo from your cousin's wedding lying around that will serve your LinkedIn profile just fine; until it crops above your sleeveless  dress and you look unclothed (oops!). Or you may think a selfie from your cell phone and a filter serves you; but be honest with yourself: you can see through those filters and they annoy you just a little when you're looking at someone else's. A headshot is a technically perfect photo of you where the lighting is meticulously crafted to accent you. It is intentional.

Headshots are some of my favorite things to photograph.