a person's ... distinctive form of identification

Exceptionally specific.

Highly personalized.

Somewhere between glamour, fashion, cosplay, fantasy and ordinary...


20210502-MDK0870Mermaid Mothers Day20210502-MDK0870Mermaid Mothers Day 20191028MDK8971-220191028MDK8971-2 Hold onto your hats, kids, this is where it gets fun!

These aren't something you'll do for everyday or your annual Christmas card photo. These are an experience. These sessions are carefully planned and orchestrated from the beginning. There is a simple reasons these portrait sessions are closer in cost to a wedding package: the work that goes into them is comparable. This is everything: a specific plan, which includes location or construction of a set or scene, hair and makeup work, costume or wardrobe creation, prop sourcing, and whatever else it takes to portray you as your mind's eye shows.

To book one of these you MUST contact me directly and well in advance of when you plan to do the session. Due to the incredibly intensive process of producing these sessions, they are available on an extremely limited offering.

What to Expect in a Signature Package

My Signature Packages are a a completely unique offering... 20201128_November After Hours_MDK103420201128_November After Hours_MDK1034

start by answering this question for yourself:

How do you DREAM of being remembered?

Who do you dream that you are? Or could you be? 

CONSULT - Let's make a wish to build a dream on...

We start with your vision. And then we dream and brainstorm together. We draw inspiration from the things you love most, and the things that inspire you. We consult. We plan. We dream...

Couture Story - Google DocsJust BecauseA story of someone who spoiled herself with a couture session
And then I get to work. Every detail of your vision is sourced or created. Locations, props, wardrobes, makeup - all just for you.

CREATION - You become a work of art...

And then we plan a day of it and create the art.

Following the creation - sometimes later that day, sometimes later that week - we reveal your images. You get to see your dream in living color. During this reveal we'll decide what best suits your needs and wants to be cherished forever. 

CHERISH - Dreams become reality...

I will painstakingly finalize the artwork to make sure it is perfect and exactly as you envision it. I'll hand it over to my lab minions to do their magic and deliver you with the final product that you and those you share it with will cherish forever.

Who does this?

It may seem like vanity or folly to spend a more than a mortgage payment on yourself, but this is truly an investment in who you are. Consider a Signature session for any major milestone, or as a gift for someone. Appropriate occasions might be personal branding, senior portraits, Quinceañera, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Bridal Portraits, Maternity, or just because. 


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PS - if you, or someone you know, is fighting mental health demons - REACH OUT TO ME NOW! For the purpose of attacking a demon, I am willing to offer a Signature Experience as my contribution to winning those battles. 
I am absolutely convinced in the power of a strong, crafted image and it's power to influence someone. You know it as well - think of how much advertisers spend to have the perfect image to sell their product and the number of times they'll show the same thing hoping we buy it. The same can work for mental health: we create a powerful, healthy image and display it where it can be a constant reminder of a life of victory versus the demons; we sell ourselves on that victory and live as-if and into it...the power of advertising, used for good.