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Where it all started

Weddings were really the first commissions I took on in my own name. Like countless other photographers, my first one was for free for friends because I had a fancy camera. I did it and handed them the film. I'm not too proud to admit it sucked...but they slowly got better. After 20 years of photographing weddings, I'm one of the leaders in my industry. I currently photograph approximately 20 weddings per year and enjoy a comfortably full calendar. I've honed the practice to perfection and am ready to make your wedding day memorable.


Buyer Beware


Wedding photography is a cut-throat industry and I've always been a bit timid about staking my claim into it. Wedding photographers seem to be a dime a dozen, with far too many on the low end of the spectrum. Unfortunately, brides have finite budgets, and as someone talks smoothly or offers a bit more for less it has become a race to the bottom with the biggest risk being someone will win. For every wedding photographer in this industry, there seem to be almost as many stories of brides or couples that have been taken advantage of, or had a wedding photographer skip town on them at the last minute, or didn't get back images that looked like the samples, if they got images back at all. YOU DON'T WANT THIS

If you find someone who will do it cheaper, ask yourself why they charge less.



What makes me special? SampleSample

So this brings me to "why me?" I do it because I know I can do it better than other wedding photographers. I work harder, deliver more, and have more fun doing it than others. How do I make that happen? It starts with planning. Over time I've developed a way of making plan to make your St. Louis wedding day go as smoothly as possible. I work to minimize the time I'm distracting you from more important things like celebrating with your friends and family. We work together from the outset so I understand your priorities for the wedding day, and learn your personality so that I can most effectively interact with you and coach the most natural poses and expressions. 

My relationship with you makes your day better.

As we get to know each other, some of the first conversations we will be about how it ends. We will talk about your vision for wall art, and albums, and gifts, and digital sharing. From those notes, I'll put together a plan to create those images that will best fit into those situations. We'll talk about which walls you'll fill, and what will look good in those places. We'll talk about your album, and what you'd like to see in it. I'll get to know you as a person - not just another weekend project.

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My experience makes your day better.

I've been a wedding photographer for over 20 years. (Please don't remind me that's longer than some of my wedding clients have been alive.) But in that time, I have learned how to work efficiently through a day. I know what has to be done, and when I can do it, and how to do it best. Additionally, I've been studying portraiture for over 20 years. There is a reason the "Old Masters" are the Old Masters. There are reasons that people are
posed and lit certain ways. The laws of physics of light demand to be followed whether we know them or not. I've perfected the craft of posing, and the art of coaching it to help you look your best, and relax and have fun doing it.