There are 100,000 photographers per capita these days - what makes MDKauffann Photography special?

Flip that around; what makes YOU special?

What makes you, you? Is it your smile? The gleam in your eyes? Your sense of fashion? A hobby? Your career? Your family? In two generations, how will they know these things?

I know that you're busy. If you've ever had a portrait made of yourself, it was probably last done at your wedding or as a senior in high school. Maybe you had a family photo done for a church directory, but you weren't exactly happy with it. The process sounds time-consuming and expensive. Having a portrait made even sounds a little pretentious.

But let's fast forward 15 years. You still don't have a decent portrait of yourself or your family, but my how they've changed. Maybe now you've got a son or daughter-in-law. Your family isn't the same, and neither are you. 

Now let's fast forward 25 more years. That family has changed a lot. 40 years from now is a long time. 40 years from now isn't really the prime of your life. Maybe there was something tragic that cut your life short. Does your family have a portrait of you as you'd like to be remembered? Fast forward a generation or two. Will your great-grandchildren know what their ancestors looked like? Stood for? Enjoyed? Suddenly that single day you spent having that pretentious portrait made is a priceless piece of art that family members are fighting over.



This sounds pretty, but it's bunk. I'm just me: I'm not art worthy.

You need to stop that thinking right now and give me a chance to prove you wrong.

I firmly believe that everyone is beautiful and, given a sufficiently talented photographer, the resulting artwork is guaranteed to be an item of pride for the owner and a centerpiece to brighten any home. Best of all there is no risk to you to let me prove it.


I have spent years studying the masters of portraiture. I have earned the rules that the portrait painters of yore learned. I learned that lighting and posing really do make a difference. They aren't easy to master but they make all the difference in the world.

You're going to see the difference in the images I create and I can promise you're going to love them. You can depend on me.

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