There are other photographers that charge less, some even work for free. But have you stopped to ask yourself 'Why?'

When you choose MDKauffmann Photography, you are choosing artwork that will be loved forever.


One of the first questions people ask tend to ask when looking for a photographer is

What do you charge?

While this is on everyone's mind, it isn't a good question to start with. Better questions are "What is your style?" or to look at how your personalities interact, or to think about what you will do with the artwork after the session. But since those are harder to define, let's go ahead and talk money for a moment.

What do you make?

Whether you call it bespoken, couture, custom, made to order, unique, distinctive, personalized, special or distinctive, what I do is just for you. No two clients are the same, no two sessions are the same, no two art pieces are ever the same...and so nailing down exact numbers is a challenge. I make artwork.

What I make is a perfect preservation of you as you are, or the vision of what you could be. proposalproposal

What I make is the time to hear you, and work with you, and offer you suggestions on how to make your vision a reality. Then I make time to ensure that what we've created is going to look it's absolute best displayed in your home.

What I make is breathtaking artwork - museum quality albums and keepsake books, framed wall art and displays, and prints for gifts. I make things you can touch, and feel, and experience, and cherish, archive, and pass-down.

What I make is a difference - you can read more about that in my Artist's Statement.

What do I get?

What you get for your investment is over 20 years of experience, coached by some of the best in the industry. You get my guidance along the way to ensure you're ready to look your best and bring your best to the session. You get my very best work. You get a consultation to select the best and most appropriate artwork for your needs. You'll get appropriately sized artwork that complements your existing decor. You get an artist, not a salesperson. You get me, not an associate photographer. You get a Certified Professional Photographer. You get a trusted friend throughout the process. You get museum quality artwork that you are going to cherish for the rest of your life.

What will I spend?

Until we talk, it is hard to name a price of how much you'll decide  you can invest in the final product. I am committed against being a sales-person; I offer myself as a guide in the process who will ensure you have tears of joy when we complete the project. In order to offer this level of personalized service, I cannot be a bargain photographer: and I make no apology for that. I can't and won't tell you exactly what to spend with me. This much I can tell you: my clients never regret their investment and you are only guided to what best suits your needs. 

As a starting point: MDKauffmann Photography weddings start at $3000 and
portrait experiences start at $300.

Let's do it!

Contact me now to more information on pricing and availability.

Flexible payment plans are certainly available and as customizable as the artwork created.

You and your memories are absolutely worth it!